Helios S800



Helios S800 is an incorporated solution. It combines the advantages of the 3 wavelengths in a , portable machine to get better results.

Helios s800 integrates 3 laser wavelen gths into one modern hand piece, together aiming opaque tissue depths and structures inside the hair follicle.

With integrating the reduction and breakthrough levels of all the three different wavelengths, in addition to the medication concealment, relief and low embalmment of diode laser, Helios s800 realizes the most secure and most inclusive hair removal nowadays.

The three integrated wavelengths gives the best benefits patients need

. No pain

. Safe

. Works on all skin and hair types and colors


People of all generations wanted to get rid of hair, and there were many kinds of treatments experienced for this issue, but Helios s800’s hair removal method is the newest technology to offer the best solution and to get the best results that every patient aims for when searching for an effective hair removal. Helios s800’s method with progressive deep heating effectively damages the hair follicles with avoiding any injury that may happen to the surrounding skin.

The sweeping In-motion (SHR Technology, high frequency 20Hz) delivery technique keeps the laser in permanent motion to ensure full coverage.


HELIOS S800 offers the best benefits that may be applied with 3 operative wavelengths in hair removal.

ALEX 755NM WAVELENGTH Targets most hair types and colors.

The Alexandrite wavelength offers effective absorption of energy by the melanin chromophore what makes it exemplary for most hair types and colors.

Mostly it targets light-colored and thin hair.

The 755nm wavelength targets the bump of the hair follicle deeply and it is mostly effective for hair in areas like eyebrows and moustache.


Effective in less time.

It targets the hair follicle deeply with very high power, the repetition rate is 20Hz for fast treatment. 810nm has an intermediate melanin penetration level that makes it effective for darker skin types and colors.

It mostly effective for arms, legs, cheeks and beard.


Best treatment for darker skin types.

The low melanin absorption level makes it a very good solution for the darker skin types and colors specifically. 1064nm offers the deepest penetration of hair follicle.

It targets the bump and papilla and it’s the most effective wavelength for embedded hair in scalp, arm pits and similar areas.

Hand Pieces

TRIO (755nm, 810nm and 1064nm wavelengths)

This handle offers the best benefits of the trio effective wavelengths in laser hair removal.

. Safe

. Fast

. For all skin types

ALEX (755nm)

This handle causes the laser to produce a high-energy beam of light in short pulses that makes it very effective in hair removal.

. Safe

. Fast

. For light-colored skin and thin hair

DIODE (810nm)

This handle uses a light beam with a narrow spectrum.

. Safe

. Fast

. For darker skin and hair types

ND:YAG (1064nm)

This handle is perfect for the dark skin types. It sends high intensity light beam to target melanin which is found in the base of the hair follicle. Melanin absorbs the light. Melanin damages hair follicle by producing heat and that what causes hair to fall out.

. Safe

. Fast

. For dark skin and hair types

Facial Tip (Optional)

This handle is very safe since it’s specialized for hard to reach areas in the face.

It shows long lasting results.