A Cryolipolysis Slimming machine without a medical procedure, is a fat-freezing technique which effectively decreases the quantity of fat cells in treated territories by about 20% to 25%.

The elimination of the processed fat cells is done normally so they won't move to another zone of your body.

The Cryolipolysis method securely conveys absolutely controlled cooling to delicately focus on the fat cells under the skin. The death of these fat cells is assured once crystalized. Over the long run, your body detects the fat and get rid of these dead cells in a natural way, leaving a more etched you.


- Effective treatment for the entire body having four optional various sizes hand pieces - Reduction of staff expense and treatment interval using four hand pieces that work concurrently - The most recent innovation ever in treating double chin with a specific hand piece - Super solid cooling framework guaranteeing the decrease of the base treatment temperature to - 15 C - Non-medical procedure, no danger, effective and practical activity - No need for recuperation and downtime period

Handle Advantages

- Delicate clinical silica gel is used to make the suction cup, therefore the entire treatment measure is convenient - The most reduced treatment temperature can reach - 15 C due to eight Peltier cooling plates that are being utilized inside the handle - 5.0 inch touch screen showing the treatment settings - The best treatment results are accomplished by starting with a three minutes warming to guarantee a better blood circulation in the desired body part

At some point in our teen years, the quantity of fat cells in our bodies ordinarily turns into a constant number. Losing or putting on weight does not change the quantity of fat cells but its size.

Fat Cells After Typical Weight Loss Subsequent to eating fewer carbs and weight reduction, fat cells get smaller in size however the quantity of fat cells remains the equivalent. On the contrary when weight is acquired, fat cells get greater.

Fat Cells After The Cryolipolysis Procedure 20% to 25% of fat cells in treated areas of your body are being eliminated normally by this unique fat freezing system, this way they won't move towards another region of your body.

Fat Freezing

Our fat freezing procedure mentioned as Cryolipolysis is a fat reduction method that does not require surgery and utilizes cold temperature to lessen fat stores in specific areas of the body. The strategy is intended to decrease limited fat stores or stubborn lumps that don't react to workouts and following new regimens.

There are many advantages: • No surgical procedures are required. • No risk of contamination for it is a protected strategy • Clinics not only inpatient facilities are able to perform this procedure without the need to stay overnight • No anesthetic nor sedative drugs are required • Treatment can be performed on more than one body part during one the same session • Most individuals can continue their ordinary day to day exercises following treatment. • No age restrictions • The treated zone does not get harm in any way including skin, muscles, nerve fibers, blood vessels. • Fat cells that have been processed and eliminated are forever extracted from the body. • The improvement in the physical appearance of the patients would help in incrementing their confidence.

Double Chin

The Cryolipolysis procedure is FDA-approved for the treatment of obvious fat lumps in the submental (under the jaw) and submandibular (under the jawline) regions, thigh, abdomen and flank (stomach cushions), alongside bra fat, back fat, under the buttocks, and upper arm. It is additionally FDA-approved to manipulate the presence of loose tissue during submental zone treatments. Cryolipolysis is a non obtrusive technique that softly and viably eliminates fat from aimed zones of the body that have not reacted to conventional eating regimen and exercise.

Recognizable yet normal glancing results are proven, giving a general smoother body shape. Cryolipolysis is best in eliminating fat from the mid-region, extra layers (flanks) and back. The aftereffects of the Cryolipolysis technique are accomplished utilizing the high level Cryolipolysis Technology, which allows the elimination of fat cells by cooling the targeted tissue without harming the adjacent tissue. It has proven as well that fat cells are more resistless to high temperature than the adjacent tissue. This insures the removal of fat cells in a natural and persistent manner for a few months following the procedure.