Cratus relies on integrating Bi-Polar RF and lipolaser energy along with delicate vacuum retention and mechanical massage in order to treat adipose tissues and the superficial layer of the skin.

It's a simple, non-surgical and pleasant method that feels like a light warm rubbing, issuing a remarkable reduction in fat cells and cellulite.

Coordinated Use of Energies

• Up till 13 mm depth of fat tissue are targeted and heated by 650 nm wavelength lipolaser • RF frequency aims to heat the skin and fat tissue from 5 to 15 mm depth • Energy is assured to being delivered by the vacuum motions • Automated manipulation promotes lymphatic drainage and cellulite smoothing

Superior Efficacy

• 120 W lipolaser maintains constant energy delivery as well as targeted temperature preserved at full length of the session (Up to 42°C in 1 min) • The possibility to perform one single session and benefit from an average of 2.6 cm surface reduction and an inclusive improvement in skin texture • Impressive and valid results proven by Cratus being a complementary therapy along with other fat reduction procedures such as Ultra Cavitation and liposuction


• New collagen and elastin are generated to smoothen and firm the face and body • Cellulites are eliminated by the process of lipolysis which intensifies the dermal structure • The shape of arms, abdomen and thighs is more firm and resilient

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is noticed as a non-inflammatory flaw of the subcutaneous tissue, the dimpled-looking skin occurring commonly in the thigh region and which causes remain unknown. Mutations in the fat cells in addition to fluctuations in hormones are being witnessed as well, causing limpness and laxity of the skin. Collaborative activity on treating cellulite has seized help and attention in the aesthetic field. This examination estimated the security and adequacy of a bipolar radiofrequency, infrared, vacuum and mechanical massage device incorporating several methods to solve the cellulite intricacy.

Burning Fats

Dermatologists regularly perform radiofrequency on patients having immoderate excess of fat in certain regions of their bodies. Concentrated heat is aimed towards fat cells, destroying them without harming adjacent tissue or skin.

This methodology diminishes fat as well as stimulates collagen to help the skin cells renew and repair themselves. No downtime is required. The outcomes are noticeable after the initial two sessions. For certain individuals, it might take up to 6 sessions.

Body Reshaping

BiPolar RF Body Contouring is a non-invasive innovation that conveys energy to profound tissues for body sculpting and skin tightening.

Collagen production in the dermis is increased by the energy which causes the renewal of the skin.

Local blood circulation is increased, deterioration of fat cells is expanding, fibrous tissue is disintegrated, and the fat accumulations are depleted into the lymphatic system.

The treatment is executed via an applicator head, sliding once or multiple times on the treated region. The procedure is delicate and comfortable.


The appearance of a forehead lift can be achieved using Bipolar RF. In addition, it is able to fix wrinkled and saggy under-eye skin, emphasize the presence of twofold eyelids, and lift droopy cheeks as well as the jawline. This procedure is additionally valuable for the neck zone improving the display of neck lines.

BiPolar RF facials are an alternative for surgeries and invasive procedures.

RF energy enters into the most profound layer of the skin and the subcutaneous layers provoking the stretching of the hidden tissue and improving the condition of wrinkles.

The treatment is executed via an applicator head, sliding once or multiple times on the treated region. The procedure is delicate and comfortable.