The slimming and body reshaping world are introducing InShape a modern promoting technology by which a better blood circulation, faster metabolism and slimmer figure are guaranteed.

Fat and cellulite founded in skin tissues, muscles and blood tissues are being fractionated by the strong magnetic energy of the PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) that targets nerve cells.

Building Muscles

1. Myofibrillars Loosen With time passing, people tend to gain weight becoming fatter as a result of fat accumulation, pregnancy, lack of workouts...

2. Myofibrillars Break The device connects with muscle neurons to initiate supramaximal muscle contractions that will cause the progressive break of part of myofibrillas triggering muscle self-healing.

3. Myofibrillars Repair Following the procedure, myofibrillas are apt to get tighter. Muscle turns out to be well built, flexible and fitter. Redesigning the inner construction of muscles and its development has been successfully performed.

Burning Fats

1. Fat Accumulation When one gains weight and expands, more fat gathers in existing fat cells making them swell and structure cellulite. Body parts where this most likely happens are abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

2. Fat Disruption Intensive muscle contractions and electromagnetic waves boosts the production of epinephrine prompting a chain of reactions that stimulates lipolysis in fat cells.

3. Fat Loss Thanks to InShape sessions, fat cells in the areas treated are diminished and eliminated.


InShape presents many advantages being a non-invasive treatment, non-ionizing, non-radiating and non-thermal. On top of it all, InShape is needle free and does not require any anesthetic procedures.

Abdomen Sculpting


The whole body appearance is structured by skin, fat and muscles.

During: While the energy is transfusing into fat and muscle layers, the skin remains intact.

After: While the energy is transfusing into fat and muscle layers, the skin remains intact.

Arms and Thighs Firming

The skin progressively loses its tonicity and flexibility because of weight's instability, pregnancies, aging and many other circumstances.

Despite the fact that the sagging of the skin manipulates the whole body, there are some body parts that are more liable to slump such as arms and inner thighs.

Hand Piece

The non-invasive electromagnetic energy generates supramaximal muscle contractions that leads the muscle tissue to adjust to this ultimate status. That's how the muscles are being built and fat is being consumed and eliminated.


• Intensive contractions boost the production of epinephrine that provokes the initiation of lipolysis in fat cells.

• The need for energy might be increased due to these intentional contractions. Fat cells are stimulated to induce lipolysis by the emitted epinephrine. • The free fatty fats (FFAs) excess leads to cells invalidity and degeneration that triggers its apoptosis. Dead cells are disintegrated and naturally eliminated by the body.